From 1st of February 1996 till mid September 2003, was one of the first internetsites aimed at professional audio production on the Macintosh platform. Many software suppliers, amongst them big names like Ableton, Arboretum, Emagic, Celemony, Bias, Steinberg, Waves, Native Instruments and Sonic Foundry (now Sony), sent in their products for reviewing.

Mid September 2003, we had to close down the site due to several reasons, being lack
of time the major cause.

For old times sake, you still can enjoy the good old stuff. Have retro fun! Music Production Today.

Not maintaining this site does not mean I did not make music at all. I most certainly did and still do. The display of my latest audio stuff (produced on Mac with -among others- Cubase, Garageband, Logic Studio Pro and SoundTrack Pro plus all the stuff that comes with that software) can be found here:

Have an ear there and hopefully enjoy.

Updated: 16.05.2013